Thursday, January 19, 2012

What My mom did when I went crazy at 19 ~

La Jolla, Ca
My mom painting in the town of Doma, France

Venice, Italy

A pic of my mom in Lake Como - Thinking of her next painting...

Venice Italy

I wanted to show some of my mom's work because it is so incredible.   She graduated  English and Art but never got into her art seriously until I got sick with Bipolar Disorder.  When everything she knew was falling apart she somehow was able to have an outlet.  She got her old brushes out, bought some new paints, rented a tiny studio and started in.  I know she was scared to death but it gave purpose to her life again and a place she could go so the stress and worry would not consume her.  As I began to get well she was able to spend more time painting.  Over the years she go so good that she went through many studios, got into lots of gallery's, and her work started paying her way for her travel.  I have some amazing pieces she has given me over the years.  Matt's Uncle commented over Christmas...."What is this an art gallery in here!?"  Anyway look at all the good my mother did out of a tough situation that just happened.  She not only paints now but runs an olive oil company, a vineyard, her own meat co., spices, and blackberry jam that is the best!  There is always good that comes out of a life altering event.  You just have to dig down deep and figure out what that may be.  I love my mom....oh did I mention she is a writer throughout my book Runaway Mind.  

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  1. Her paintings are amazing! Now, if I could just talk her into giving me one!