Thursday, February 23, 2012

YES BABY! I got Andy Behrman Author of Electroboy to be on my show March 10!! Sweetness

Andy Behrman ~ Author of Electroboy

I must say that I am very excited about what is happening in my life right now!  Starting a radio show last month was just wild, scary, and fun all at the same time.  I know I have a lot to learn to be a pro~ But I love the new challenge.  It is doing something that I have never done before and never dreamed of doing.  For my second guest I wanted to go big.  My switch board operator and also a radio host, Cliff Zier from New York was like, "Maggie you have to get Andy Behrman!"  So okay I thought to myself I will look him up.  Well man who knew he was like crazy famous. Like I could get him to come on my new show right!  But then I thought well why the heck not!  So I fired off a short e-mail the best I could AND you know what he liked my honesty and called me back in like a minute!  Andy is a brilliant man with so much talent it could make your head spin like a million times until you pass out!  I could understand every chapter why he choose the things he did.  I cried throughout the book because I get his pain in so many ways.  Sure his book is a wild entertaining ride but so much shows the depths of his despair and how hard he worked to get back to being well.  I am in awe of his willing to never give up on trying to seek treatment.  So now the challenge to HAVE fun interviewing him and get him to laugh!  I think I could do that.  Please tune in people it is going to be off the charts AWESOME. Oh, one more thing go buy his will love it!  Wait more thing to the negative people out there on his book~obviously you didn't get it.  He is incredible, he wants to help people, and is a WINNER in my book! Below is the info:  Remember it is at 6pm not (5pm) PST ~ The Show is at 6pm (Not 5pm like site says!) PST. It is going to be an AWESOME in!
Andy Behrman is the author of ldquoElectroboy A Memoir of Maniardquo published by Random House. His book has been translated into seven languages. He is a mental health advocate and speaker who promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention speaking to college audiences mental health care p...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just another peek of my next book...

I took this picture because I had forgotten that I had a baby ~ This happened every day

Mind Gone
The next day Matt went out to golf with his father, uncle, and cousin to celabrate in Coronado.  By mid day I had lost my mind entirely.  “Mom, Matt has died.  I am finished without him,” I cried.  “Maggie honey what are you talking about?”  “He is golfing, he is fine,” she said worried.  “No mom I know he is dead.  You don’t know what I see.”  I went on like this for a what seemed liked eternity.  She called Matt and reported the horrible news.  “Matt get home right now.  Maggie very sick and we need to get her help right away.”  Mom called my psychiatarist but it was the weekend.  There was only an anwering machine.  I was getting worse by the second.  I was in a complete pyschosis.  I can’t tell you how scary it is to think things are really happening but they are not.  It makes my first episode back in 1996 look like a cakewalk.   I thought there was an ambulance on it’s way to pick up Matt’s dead body.  I heard the sirens blaring in the distance as my mom kept trying to shake me out of my shocking state.  I didn’t hear a thing she said though and only looked down seeing Matt’s motionless body before me.  I thought nothing that I had a baby girl in the next room sleeping peacefully and that things really were alright.  To me life was over.  I had just lost the love of my life, my everything.  I then looked up and saw the fire trucks outside and the paramedics rushing up to my home and pushing by my mother to Matt’s body.  They put him on a strecher and some how got him breathing.  Which was impossible because he had been dead at least five minutes.  “Mom,” I screamed.  “I have to follow them.”  “Mags,” she pleaded with me. “There is nobody there.  Trust me honey everything is alright.  Nobody is dead.   You are with me and Allison your baby girl.”  I heard none of it.  I just kept on going into this deep dark pychosis that I now was trapped in and only saw what my brain was making up.  I heard the ambulance pulling away with Matt and the sirens fade.  

I want a nothing box! Is that too much to ask?

Matt in his NOTHING BOX!

Tonight is one of those nights where my brain is racing like 200 miles an hour.   Don't worry people I haven't skipped days of medication or changed anything for that matter.  My brain is just on speed mode.  Yes I must admit I like it when I am like this during the day because I get a ton done.  More than most if I am honest.  As for the down side though I can't get it to quiet at night.  I just took sleeping meds.  So far no luck.  If feels like I could go on a 10 mile run, come back scrub the entire house, weed the yard, cook a feast, well do anything for that matter.  Stop ~ don't worry I will do none of the above.  I know that is the mania part of my brain just talking away.  It would be nice to have a nothing box.  Where my brain would just relax and not think of anything for like a single moment.  My best friend Carrie always jokes about a nothing box.  I WANT THAT!  Can I buy one somewhere.  That would be nice.  How much do they cost?  Oh, silly me they are not real or maybe they are?  I can hear Matt snoring away.  He must have a awesome nothing box.  I think he goes there while he zones out to a great baseball game, golf match, or his San Diego State Aztecs.  I just sit on the couch for seconds then off doing something always something when I am in this mode.  My jaw feels tense, my insides feel like I am on the starting line for a big race, my eyes move too quickly, I talk way too much and read too much.  I know it is draining on my body.  It wears it out.  I know all of this.  But how can I make it stop?  So far in my 16 years of dealing with Bipolar... it just doesn't stop.  I have to adjust.  ADJUST ~  the word of my life.  I am always having to adjust ~ like daily.  At 36 I feel like I have lived a number of lives already with all that I have done.  Matt wants me to rest more.  How do I do that?  REST.  Matt give me that NOTHING BOX!  Now I am going to bed and try try try to sleep.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We need to finish our Race ~

Finish Chelsea's Run ~

So today I absolutely hate to admit it but I am very sad.  I just woke up feeling awful.  I couldn't hardly get my clothes on or brush my teeth.  As for a positive I got Allie's hair all cute, she dressed herself, I feed her a good breakfast, made her lunch and took her to school.  She was happy as can be.  So that was nice.  As I drove home the tears started to fall and then really bad as I walked in the door.  Now for for those that don't have Bipolar one might ask, "What happened? Why are you so sad?"  I wish I had a reason.  It is the nature of the illness.  The reason is that my brain is off, the chemicals are not lining up quite right, and therefore my mood shifts to a dark sad awful spot.  So when it does this to me which is a lot if I am telling the entire truth here I try to look at the light.  I try to find the light.  My positive thought was looking at this picture.  My sister sent it to me last night.  It is a 5k that I ran with my good friend Cheralynn (she is in the pic to the left).  The race was Finish Chelsea's Run.  Chelsea King was a high school runner at Poway High School and was murdered while training out on a near by trail.  When the news broke 2 years ago that Chelsea went missing it hit home to everyone in San Diego.  Everyone wanted to find her.  For me being a former runner I was devastated by the outcome.  This beautiful girl named Chelsea King didn't get to finish her race.  She had her entire life ahead of her and it was taken from a monster that had no remorse.  People started a foundation, her parents went all the way to the White House to get laws changed, and a race was born to finish Chelsea's run.  My sister was sent an e-mail since her and I raced in it last year and my pic was on the advertisement!  So I will sign up again and go run for Chelsea once again and finish her race and keep fighting to win my own race.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being a MOM the Hardest JOB but the most Rewarding!

Allie and I at the beach this last weekend!

So yesterday I was feeling a little sorry for myself (You can watch me silly you tube video if you want to see that mess).  But then I woke today I was LIKE ~ WOW I am a mom and that if a miracle in itself!
I was told at the young age of 19 from my first Psychiatrist that I would never have children or have a normal life.  Well let me tell you I am not one to have... 1. PEOPLE tell me what I can or can't do 2. Not be able to have a NORMAL life  3. I like to WIN!  I seriously can't help it.  Yes, maybe my sports day are long gone but I have a new goal to win at and have had for 16 years.  I try daily to win at staying healthy.  I do this for my husband, for my five year old daughter Allie, for my family, for my friends, and  ME!  If I don't work hard at it I will lie down and slowly fade away into the background with sadness nobody can begin to understand unless you have been there.  Matt went out in the back yard with Allie yesterday and they practiced softball.  They kept yelling at me to get out there and help.  My legs felt as if they had weights on them.  I dragged myself out there though ~ and pushed the bad feeling out with all my might.  I beat those bad thoughts once again.  Remember it is a daily battle.  You must fight every day and never give up.  Hugs to all Bipolar people and family members.  KEEP Winning your race!
Allie on It's A Small World After All with daddy

My sis Amy in her United Airlines suit ~ she had Allie one made!

My Mom and Allie ~ Thanksgiving at the Del in Coronado

Our dog Jackson's last day at the beach ~ he died from cancer at the young age of 8 RIP JACKSON!

MOMS UNITE ~  Tara ~all we do is laugh...always fun to have around!

My husband ~ BODYGUARD Matt.  I love him to pieces.

God Bless, 

Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Radio Show as a HOST! AHHHHH

 Guest ~ The Third Sunrise - Natalie Jeanne Champagne

Blog Talk Radio With Maggie Reese ~ The Runaway Mind Show!

So today I wanted to talk about my new radio show ~ Runaway Mind!  Yes ~  you like how I stay with my book title for brand baby.  It was so crazy different for me to be a host.  All my life from athletic interviews to now being interviewed for mental health magazines, newspaper articles, and radio shows I have always been the person that is a pro on answering peoples questions.  It is comes easy to me.  I have found an entire new challenge.  Being a host of a radio program.  Wow ~  I can't tell you how difficult it is.  I know I have so much to learn but if I am being honest I like to have a kind of scary challenge to keep me on my toes and learning.  It keeps my brain alive and happy.  When ever I have been scared of something I know that I need to jump in with both feet and run with it.  Natalie was my first guest for my Runaway Mind Show.  She did great talking about her story and made me feel more at ease as we went along.  I did say UMMMM way to many times but hey I can't be perfect right off the bad.  I will now be listening to talk show radio hosts daily to see how the pros do it and get tips.  There are so many things I need to work on and learn but can't wait to figure it all out and have a polished show!  If you would like to listen to Natalie and I check us out below.  She is like my BP sister.

Check out my show Runaway Mind with Maggie Reese tomorrow! Feb 4.
My guest Natalie Jean Champagne author of The Third Sunrise ~ has an incredible story to share~ Listen in at 6pm PST 9pm EST.
Natalie Jeanne Champagne is the author of The Third Sunrise . At the age of twenty-six after many years struggling with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder at the Feb 04

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A lot can happen in a YEAR!

My family and my award for National Alliance of Mentally Ill Young Advocate of the Year ~ San Diego

Speech for The International Bipolar Foundation and Book Signing

Speech for the Rancho Bernardo Rotary   

A year ago I went to my first event for my book.  It was for authors that published a book in San Diego.  They had all the books on display in the downtown San Diego Library.  I was so excited!  My book was going to be somewhere where people could actually look at it and my name would be kind of out there for the first time.  I made me nervous too.  There I would be telling the world that I have bipolar and how I am dealing with it.  As 2011 progressed I had no idea what was in store for me.  I ended up doing 15 speeches throughout San Diego, 2 NAMI walks, a book signing at the famous Warwicks Bookstore  in La Jolla,  a keynote speaker for Tri-City Medical Center, asked to be on the executive board of The International Bipolar Foundation, won the Young Advocate of the Year for The National Alliance of Mentally Ill, was on 2 different radio programs for the book, attended the Choice Awards in Hollywood, and then asked if I would like to have my own radio program on Blog Talk Radio.  It has been one amazing journey.  If someone asked me what did you like best about last year I would have to say it is incredible when someone comes up to you crying, hugging you, saying that my book saved their daughter's life.  That's it! That made my entire year.  
 So now off to my next challenge.  The Blog Talk Radio.  I have my first guest this weekend.  I read Natalie's book the past couple of days.  It took me a long time because I cried my way through it and it is hard for me to concentrate right now.  I loved it though.  Every page.  She is honest, connects with the readers in every way imaginable, and taught me so much of how difficult it is to have a drug addiction along with bipolar.  I have never understood drug addiction until reading this book.  If your loved one is addict along with bipolar I encourage you to read this book when it comes out in May.  I hope you all listen in on Saturday night!  I will put the link below.


Natalie Jeanne Champagne is the author of The Third Sunrise. At the age of twenty-six, after many years struggling with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder at the age of twelve, addictions and disordered eating, she walked the road less traveled and somehow found her way home. Natalie regularly contributes to mental health and addictions publications and is an advocate for mental health. She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. The Third Sunrise is her first book.

I am so excited to share with all of you I will be interviewing Natalie Jeanne Champagne Feb. 4th on Blog Talk Radio. I will provide all the info and link so you can listen it! Incredible story she has to tell.
The Third Sunrise - A book by Natalie Jeanne Champagne.