Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stress-Sickness-Sadness ~The Perfect Storm

WOW.... this is how awful I feel.  Bad picture I know this.  Kind of embarrassing that I am sharing this pic!  But it is the truth and I am one not to hide how I feel very well.  I could choose not to blog this week until I get better and then like magic I am looking all great, friendly, and feel fantastic.  But really, that is not the case.  I got the flu this past weekend while visiting family.  We went up to a doctor to fix a problem we had...which we are relieved in solving.  It was so stressful though my immune system crashed and then the sickness took over my body with a vengeance.  I was so grateful to get on antibiotics so quickly.  My body is now getting better but the aftermath of this has left with me with feeling like absolute CRAP.  What I mean is sadness beyond the norm where I just cry everywhere I go.  Sunglasses work for only so long then my tear drops just mess up the lenses.  You see the balance was tipped by everything going on.  When this happens either the irritation sets in or the depression finds it way into my head or like today BOTH.  It was so hard to get Allie to school.  It was my volunteer day which now seemed extra tough.  I used funny teaching methods the best I could to survive and the children were good to me.  Getting the gas was a daunting task which should be easy and the post office was like tackling the impossible.  When I got home more tears and sadness sank in.  My usual methods for fighting this are a bit tougher today since I am still physically sick too.  I don't have the energy to walk today, paint, do a project, or go out.  What I can do is rest - WOW HARD.  AND I can pray...that is easy (Thank Heavens God is available 24 seven.)  Love and Hugs to anyone having a rough day out there like me!  We need to stick together through our yucky days.  Maggie

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