Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrift Store Laughs!

This afternoon I called my friend Tara and off we went diving into the thrift stores.  I have to admit it propelled me into a happy laughing place!  I bought this silly hat for the next DOWNpour of So Cal...when ever that may be.  It is like 80 flipping degrees out. I was in my Ugg boots and feet were HOT.  Anyway this hat was  a it for a steal of .50 over much haggling with a small tiny asian lady that wanted her dollar!  I wanted the skirt too but she wanted 28 bucks...What the heck.  No way. No deal.  I was like yeah for 5.  Also found a frog ceramic sandwich I wanted to buy...but to expensive.  Thought it would be a good gag gift for one of my many friends birthdays.  I didn't want to spend 3 bucks though.  I did buy a nice lamp but at a fancy shop but it was so cute...I will love it for life.  I love the music playing in the thrift shop.  It was like Katy Perry, Pink, and Black Eyed Peas.  Shopping in some kind of night club or something.  Good people watching there too.  If you have never done it - TRY IT.  It is way fun!  Maggie

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