Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Complete Relaxation Is!

Kauai ~ The view from our room

So today as I drove home in the cold dank fog my mind began to wander to a relaxing place.  I immediately went to Hawaii.  You can't be cold and miserable in Hawaii!  So I pictured myself laying in the sand taking in the warmth and cooling off in the perfect water temperature of the salty ocean.  Awesome.  The last time I was in this amazing place was four years ago.  Allison was about one at the time.  The way we got there brings a wild tale in itself.  We didn't just decide to go on a vacation and drop a ton of money to get there!  My mother-in-law a year before was in a plane crash.  Donna is a pilot.  She was not flying her plane the day of her accident.  She was on her way to Monterrey to pick up her plane that was being repaired.  The pilot of the small plane she was a passenger in ran out of gas of all things.  He had old gauges that didn't read right.  They ran out of gas just a few miles short of the airport.  The crashed into a golf coarse and rolled down the fairway.  By the grace of God Donna survived.  She had to be pulled out of the wreckage with the jaws of life.   The crash happened just a couple of weeks before her first grandchild was born.  It was a horrifying thing to happen.  Our family was shocked and relieved all at the same time.  When Matt and I went to the hospital to see her it looked like somebody had taken a baseball bat to her entire body.  She didn't complain but gave thanks to God.  She has amazing faith and courage.  Within the year she was back in her own plane flying patients to hospital appointments.  She does this a lot!  All out of the goodness of her heart to help others less fortunate. A couple of years later she decided we were going to go on a fun trip to enjoy living!  She took my brother and sister-in-law to Europe on the Concordia (the one that just sank in Italy) and then took Matt, Allie, and I off to Kauai.  We had an amazing time.  PURE RELAXATION in every way!  We went to the beach daily, ate fresh fruit, did some hikes, jumped off a waterfall into a lagoon (Donna went off a rope swing...she is much more brave with adventure than me)!  So yes today is COLD but than I think of Hawaii.  There are warmer days ahead.  Life is a journey isn't it.  One has to go through hard days to get to the good ones.  When I have those great days I soak them up!  Have a warm thought for me today. 

Matt swing on yes real vines!
My Happy place!
Donna and Allie enjoying a day on a boat trip.

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