Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just for Fun!

The fountain I built in my back yard ~ A great place for kiddos

An old window from my house I used for decor in my office with my Italy pics.
I love sand dollars ~  just a hobby of mine

So this am I decided to share a little of what I do when I get creative.  I  had the best time building this fountain.  I still am not yet done but getting there.  I have two pumps feeding into it so I could have my creeks.  My husband also got into the project as well.  There was a lot of laughter and yelling of what and where things should go.  So worth it though.  It will be here for a while and I will always remember how much fun we had in making it!  Plus the kids can never have enough fun.  It is good to do projects.  Good for your mental health!  Trust me on this

My window project was a awesome to do.  My friend Tara helped me get the idea, helped with getting some cool knobs, ordering the pics from Costco, and it was a challenge to hang.  A lot of laughing going on that day but we got it done and Matt wasn't able to use the old window for golf practice.

My silly sand dollars are just a hobby.  When depressed I go find them and it makes me happy.  Hey what ever the heck works right!@

So today I am doing great and off to help my friend who I am so proud of.  She has started her own blog on all her projects and you know what I think it is helping her with all her own pain.

Go have a great day for me!  

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