Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh MAN ~ Wishing I was a real musician!

Every since I was little, mom had me playing the piano.  I loved it growing up and still do!  I can play alright but when ya through in the disaster!  I am one of those American Idol try out people that can't hear themselves sing.  Yes that would be me.  Although, at nineteen when I had my first manic episode I used to sing at the local bar in my bathing suit packing in the crowds...obviously it was not for my talent.  I had told my parents that I was going off to Hollywood to be a singer.  Glad I ran into my bodyguard Matt!  My favorite music to play currently is Sara Bareilles.  NOW that chick can play.  Went to see her last year live...INCREDIBLE.  I also like to play the guitar.  I am self taught.  I sound like Phoebe on know "Smelly Cat."  Oh yeah baby that would be me too...if a coffee shop ever let me in the door.  Which reminds me one time I was playing with a couple.  I gave them massages in turn they let me play guitar with them.  We wanted to start up playing in a coffee shop...yeah never worked out when the husband hit on me!  Probably for the best actually playing for a live audience would have been a complete mess for sure!  So I play for myself and sing as loud and off tune as I want AND drive Matt and Allie bonkers.  In church Matt is always giving me that know the one that says "Mag quiet down...VERY OFF KEY.  Okay Allie is playing freeze tag with me and Matt has his football on so need to go feed these guys before everyone get food grumpy.  Maggie OUT!

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