Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Psychiatrist Speech~ The Fear of Finding on ~ Fighting any situation

My Speech went great last night!  I was not quite sure how I was going to pull this one off.  Then I remembered the key to speaking and giving out information that people always love is to be myself and to speak from my heart.  My entire audience was a room full of Psychiatrist.  I threw out some funny stuff to add a little magic to the talk.  I then started to talk about the differences of a terrible mental hospital compared to a superb mental hospital.  I touched on how bedside manner is huge coming from a doctor.  Their tone of voice can  provide trust and want to make a manic person calm.  Their sincerity and interest  in your life make you want to get better. I feel that the patient will try harder in getting well when they see how much their doctor cares for one's well being.  Unfortunately I have lost my recent doctor of 8 years recently.  She is no longer in practice.  I am now shopping for a Psychiatrist myself.  It is a daunting task ahead of me.  I have to put my feelers back out there and learn to trust somebody with my brain and that I must say scares the living crap out of me.  Will they care like I want them to?  Will they fight for my medication problems when they arise?  Will they stick with me when I am in a deep dark hole and figure out how to fix me back to the land of the living?  I talked with a new friend of mine who has a son with Autism.  She told me some very good advice today.  "Maggie go with your gut!"  I think I will do just that.  Off to tackle a crisis that has happened in my family. (Not Bipolar Stuff) Headed up to Northern California to a counselor that I had when I was 19.  I will go to great distances to seek out good help.  Hoping we get the answers we need to help move on.  When something in your life just happens don't ever ignore and bury it.  Take the problem HEAD ON and tackle it with all your might...FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT....NEVER GIVE UP... and do the best you can.  Mags

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