Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends you can count on...

Tara in Florence Italy
So earlier today I wrote my sad blog...yes because that is how I felt and looked so I thought why not let everyone see how a bad day really looks like and feels like.  My friend Tara who lives 2 miles down the street read my blog and started calling until I called back.  "Maggie come on lets go to lunch.  I got all my work done and it will be good for you to eat and get out."  I knew she was right.  I really didn't want to go but I did.  I took the help that was handed to me.  We went to a little Italian place called Momma Theresa's.  It is such great food and a got bowl of soup and good company did lift my spirits.  It was like somebody giving me a jump start.  Then I got to thinking as I picked up Allie from school.  Wow aren't friends amazing.  You really don't need many.  I have three that I can call, text, cry my eyes out to when ever I want.  They listen, they give hugs, and are there for me happy or sad.  Kelly I met through having Allie cakes in a play group when Allie was two.  Kelly has been a huge support over the years and our daughters are best friends still.  I have known her since I was 6, She is in my book and a writer in it as well if you have read your copy yet of Runaway Mind!  She has given me grace when you would think there was none left to give.  Friends are incredible.  Always keep those close ones at arms reach.  They are a lifeline.  So thanks to Tara, Kelly, and Carrie today.  I love you gals.

                                                            Me, Allie, and Carrie below
Kelly and Hailey 


  1. I love you too, but you picked the worse picture in the world of me! Ahhhhhh! I don't even look like that anymore, lol! :)

  2. Please e-mail me an updated pic and I will put it in there!!! I only had this one!!!