Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family ~ What I rely on the most...

Okay so today was a tough one.  First of all I couldn't sleep so I had to take my sleeping medication.  AND that leads to a tough day ahead.  I knew getting up was going to be hell and trying to make my day go was going to be a challenge.  I did wake up in a total fog.  Somehow got a quick bath, packed Allie her lunch, got her ready for school, and then drove to school.  Fell like my insides might fall out along the way.  When my anxiety gets that bad driving is a hard task!  Also today was my day to work in the classroom.  I usually do two hours but today the teacher needed us longer.  Another setback.  By 11:30 I was DONE.  I couldn't cancel on my friends birthday lunch so I dragged myself there.  I was hungry which made me more angry.  So hard to listen to everyone talk about stuff.  Could hardly concentrate with a group.  So I managed to talk with one of my friends next to me.  That worked.  Got through the lunch then back to Allie's school and still felt terrible.  Matt knew as soon as he walked in it was one of "THOSE DAYS"  and really helped out.  I was able to lay down for a bit which is good.  Now resting for my work tonight.  I still do massage for one client I have had for 10 years.  Mrs. Bunn and I are good for each other so it will be nice to end a rough day giving someone some relaxation.   So glad to have Matt and Allie at the end of the day.  Yes my life is tough when I felt like I did today...but they make my life so worth it! Maggie


  1. Hey Maggie, sorry to hear about your day today and how tough it was. I was going to ask you is you still worked with Mrs. Bunn. Hopefully tomorrow will be better? The weather sure if nice enough!

  2. Mrs. Bunn was great! She always makes me laugh and I drove home stress free until I thought I lost all the cash I just made...then found it under my car seat! Funny. Anyway I think I can sleep tonight without the sleep meds...which is nice. The weather is incredible. I love San Diego. THE BEST CITY EVER!!