Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Italy Inspired me Back HOME!

Lake Como                                                                  Venice  

While traveling through Italy just a little over a year ago I can't help how much that trip made me see everything in a different light.  My mother traveled there years ago and the same thing happened to her.  When she got home she put in 600 olive trees, painted oil paintings like mad, and put in a vineyard.  Now I can't obviously do all of that!  But I was able to have my own mini olive orchard ~ 12 trees and put in 60 grapes (Barbera and Mourvedre) and then painted my house a terracotta color!  So to the left is the first little crop of olives I got and below is my new house color!  It is good to see how other people live all over the world.  It gives us new ideas and think outside the box.  If you ever have the chance go to Italy and see for yourself!

Oh yeah did I mention we saw George in Lake Como ~  Right.


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