Monday, January 23, 2012

Lake Tahoe ~ What I think Heaven LOOKS Like!

Lake Tahoe ~  Heaven

There is something about Lake Tahoe that is just magical.  As I sit inside watching the rain fall today I couldn't help but think of some place that brings me so much joy.  I am not one for being in a happy place when it is wet and cold.  So when I came across these pictures today I wanted to share a few!  Matt's parents bought a second home there about 6 years ago.  It has been a place where all the family can meet up and enjoy each other over the years and take in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada's.  From snowboarding in Heavenly, sledding, ice-skating in the winter to swimming in the lake, hiking, boating, and having good quality time with the Reese's it has been such a gift Matt's parents have given us all.  This summer we are all having a huge family reunion there.  It will be good to see everyone from all over the place. Fun to catch up with relatives I have not seen in a while.  I am blessed to have Matt's family.  Yes sometimes we have our times with each other but so does everyone!  My goodness if you don't have a disagreement every once in a while there must be something wrong.  I love them all very much and to have their support 100% ~ well you can't ask more than that.  Thank You REESE'S

Me (Pregnant!) Matt, Brother-in-law Todd, Sister-in-law-Laura, Niece Cami

Just love this pic ~  Matt diving in

A hike we went on through the Aspens

My in-laws Donna and Jim and niece Cami

Remember how important your family is today! 

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