Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maybe the start of my Next Book?

Dordogne, France

Chapter 1 - Dordogne France
As I sit on my beautiful sweeping porch over looking my small piece of land outside the city I can’t help but think of my life four years ago at this very time as I watch the pollen float through like snow falling on the pine trees.  Then I was 31 years old and six months pregnant.  Mom and I were sitting on our balcony in the Southern Region of France in the town of Dordogne.  Our house was a stone house that had been there for over 400 years with the back of the house the actual cliffs as our backside wall.  It was truly a magical place.  At that time the pollen was also in season there as well.  Mom painted away while I looked with amazement across the incredible valley the swept before us.  Below was the little french town with winding streets, and villagers going to and fro to their jobs.  Then beyond that that great Dordogne river cut through with river boats that had music on them daily.   To my right there was a huge Estate.  It was very old but had an intense beauty about it.  Then off in the distance we could also see an old castle.  It was quite a special place there was no denying that.  
The only tough part of the trip is I started to get sick in my tummy again!  And that I did!  I would vomit just about every where we went.  My mom put up with me though and we did still have a great time.  Besides the vomiting I had that old fear that had started creeping up on me. 

Six Month Pregnant
The view from our rock house of the Chateau in the distance...

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