Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is where I grew up.  My family is all on dad's train.  Dad is there up front on his fun toy!  I can't wait to see him.  We are headed up to Jamestown next week for 3 days.  My mom will be out of town helping my grandpa of 100 years old in AZ but I do get to spend time with dad and my in-laws.  I grew up in paradise.  We didn't have the train when I was little but dad always said how someday he would have Hurst LAND ~ and well obviously he built it.  My family always says stuff and then they do it!  

I was hoping last night I wouldn't have to take sleeping aids....darn didn't happen.  At 2am wide awake and had to take that darn little blue pill.  Now in a fog haze.  At least I can go sleep for a while and try to get alive by this afternoon!  Working on my client last night helped a lot.  It is nice to still be doing a bit of my old work.  I ran a day spa (tiny one) called Maggie's Skin Care for 7 years ~ so it is a nice outlet to have one client left from the old days.  Nice to have cash in my wallet too.  

So I have 5 days until HOME.  I am hoping that I will get my sleep back and anxiety level down.  Hard to do anything without having the proper sleep.  I am like a baby.  NEED tons of rest, food, bath, rest.  Kind of hard to do when your an adult though.  Bipolar 1 is very I MEAN very hard to manage.  So baby steps to get to next Thursday when ranch time comes.  I like to think of the movie What About BOB.  Hilarious movie.  "Baby steps to the bus, Baby steps to holding Gill the fish, Baby steps to Dr. Marvins house..."  Yes it is all about Baby steps to get to where I need to go.  Maggie OUT

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