Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Oh man the start of the New Year!  YUCK and Yeah I guess depending on how I look at it.  I am feeling kind of crappy just because I am....but trying to see the light of all the good that I might do this year.  Bipolar is such a difficult illness to live with because of the simple fact...it doesn't go away no matter how hard you try.  AND let me tell you I am the queen bee at winning until I beat something.  That is why this bugs me so.  Yes I can manage my illness and do pretty good but I can't conquer it completely.  I love to wipe things out....DANG.  What I will do this year is keep getting out there to speak.  I am finding joy though my talks about my illness and how to laugh again no matter how hard the day may be.  I am hoping to get maybe paid for my talks....did 14 for free last year...so I think I just figure out how to get a buck or two.  Having no $$ gets old after a while!  Yes my husband does great providing for me.  I have a house to live in and food on the table but I am talking about making a little pocket change for myself.  Another goal is I am thinking about starting a radio program for mental health.  I am finding so many people want to know what I have to say about a lot of things so yeah maybe I will go there....we shall see won't we people!  I would also like to get my book published by a huge publisher!!  I mean really is that to much to ask ~ alright maybe a little.  I can't help it though I like to go BIG ~ HUGE ~ THE WOW FACTOR!  I want to go back to ITALY!! This pic was taken a little over a year ago In Florence.  I like to travel, in fact LOVE It.  And I need some cash to do it right.  So now off to work to get back to that picture....I know I AM SILLY.  I think seeing the world makes me appreciate the little things, distracts me from this BIPOLR 1 stuff that I deal with daily,  and just gives me a new perspective every time I see something new.  Did this New Years writing go anywhere ~ well probably not...just a BP gal rambling away my thoughts.  Maggie


  1. I like your ramblings, He he. That's why your blog is called runaway mind! Ok, maybe not but it seemed appropriate,lol. Btw, I love that picture of you!

  2. Thanks Zeke! Yeah I have a follower! I feel so special!! Can you like make the New York Mental health thing happen so I can have a trip...really is that to much to ask!! Ha ha I am laughing sorry!! I need a NYC vaca...I will be calling soon about RADIO...will see if I can get my brain to slow just a tad to do a show....YOU ARE SO GOOD AT IT. Very cool talent you have. Have a great day GET YOUR LIGHTS OUT! BASEball around the corner...do you think my Padres have any chance? Not looking good so far!

  3. hi sparkle plenty...you have rocked this BP thing so maybe that is conquering??? hard work but what isn't? radio yes! with your info and sense of humor you could be queen of the air waves!
    bv xo