Friday, February 10, 2012

We need to finish our Race ~

Finish Chelsea's Run ~

So today I absolutely hate to admit it but I am very sad.  I just woke up feeling awful.  I couldn't hardly get my clothes on or brush my teeth.  As for a positive I got Allie's hair all cute, she dressed herself, I feed her a good breakfast, made her lunch and took her to school.  She was happy as can be.  So that was nice.  As I drove home the tears started to fall and then really bad as I walked in the door.  Now for for those that don't have Bipolar one might ask, "What happened? Why are you so sad?"  I wish I had a reason.  It is the nature of the illness.  The reason is that my brain is off, the chemicals are not lining up quite right, and therefore my mood shifts to a dark sad awful spot.  So when it does this to me which is a lot if I am telling the entire truth here I try to look at the light.  I try to find the light.  My positive thought was looking at this picture.  My sister sent it to me last night.  It is a 5k that I ran with my good friend Cheralynn (she is in the pic to the left).  The race was Finish Chelsea's Run.  Chelsea King was a high school runner at Poway High School and was murdered while training out on a near by trail.  When the news broke 2 years ago that Chelsea went missing it hit home to everyone in San Diego.  Everyone wanted to find her.  For me being a former runner I was devastated by the outcome.  This beautiful girl named Chelsea King didn't get to finish her race.  She had her entire life ahead of her and it was taken from a monster that had no remorse.  People started a foundation, her parents went all the way to the White House to get laws changed, and a race was born to finish Chelsea's run.  My sister was sent an e-mail since her and I raced in it last year and my pic was on the advertisement!  So I will sign up again and go run for Chelsea once again and finish her race and keep fighting to win my own race.

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