Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being a MOM the Hardest JOB but the most Rewarding!

Allie and I at the beach this last weekend!

So yesterday I was feeling a little sorry for myself (You can watch me silly you tube video if you want to see that mess).  But then I woke today I was LIKE ~ WOW I am a mom and that if a miracle in itself!
I was told at the young age of 19 from my first Psychiatrist that I would never have children or have a normal life.  Well let me tell you I am not one to have... 1. PEOPLE tell me what I can or can't do 2. Not be able to have a NORMAL life  3. I like to WIN!  I seriously can't help it.  Yes, maybe my sports day are long gone but I have a new goal to win at and have had for 16 years.  I try daily to win at staying healthy.  I do this for my husband, for my five year old daughter Allie, for my family, for my friends, and  ME!  If I don't work hard at it I will lie down and slowly fade away into the background with sadness nobody can begin to understand unless you have been there.  Matt went out in the back yard with Allie yesterday and they practiced softball.  They kept yelling at me to get out there and help.  My legs felt as if they had weights on them.  I dragged myself out there though ~ and pushed the bad feeling out with all my might.  I beat those bad thoughts once again.  Remember it is a daily battle.  You must fight every day and never give up.  Hugs to all Bipolar people and family members.  KEEP Winning your race!
Allie on It's A Small World After All with daddy

My sis Amy in her United Airlines suit ~ she had Allie one made!

My Mom and Allie ~ Thanksgiving at the Del in Coronado

Our dog Jackson's last day at the beach ~ he died from cancer at the young age of 8 RIP JACKSON!

MOMS UNITE ~  Tara ~all we do is laugh...always fun to have around!

My husband ~ BODYGUARD Matt.  I love him to pieces.

God Bless, 

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