Friday, October 21, 2011

Voice Award - Hollywood Baby

Okay so I have never been to Hollywood.  I like to think of myself there in maybe in a different life but I know if I was there right now it probably wouldn't be a good one.  I did have the opportunity to go to the Voice Awards this past August.  I dressed up in a beautiful dress that my mom had bought me from Neiman Marcus about 10 years ago.  I was overjoyed that it still fit even after having my baby girl Allison.  My good friend Tara found my shoes...Good old Steve Madden did the trick there.  My two good friends Carrie and Kathy rode into Hollywood in style in a stretch limo.  I thought well I better show up to Paramount Pictures in a decent vehicle.  So in we road laughing and drinking water!  We listened to incredible people who had recovered from addiction and mental health problems.  They had been to the depths of hell and had made it back and big!  That is the kind of people that inspire me.  The after party was fun and it was neat to see all kinds of famous people.  I did do one crazy thing....I ran after the producer of my favorite movie The Fighter.  I gave him my card in front of the fountain of Paramount Pictures.  He laughed when I told him to make my movie.  He was kind.  I don't know if he tossed my card but it is always worth a shot.  I never let an opportunity pass me by!  Well off to pick up my little one from school.  She is more important than anything I might ever get in Hollywood.  Maggie


  1. That must have been so exciting! You look wonderful in that dress, like a movie star. :)


  2. Hey Mag, I am glad to see your blog up and running! Love you!

  3. Yeah Kelly! I am so proud I am figuring this out at last!
    You inspire me with your blog!! Love, Mags