Friday, October 21, 2011

International Bipolar Foundation Speech

So here is the story behind my speaking career....My 94 year old Grandma Virginia goes to a luncheon in Fresno, Ca about mental health.  She gives my book to somebody in the International Bipolar Foundation....which gets to the President Muffy Walker.  She loves it and asks me to be a speaker for their monthly meeting where they have usually about 65 or more.  My Pastor gives me 15 minutes to talk in front of my church....a good practice.  Then last march I did my first professional speech for The International Bipolar Foundation which went off well.  I give the credit to God, my Grandma, Muffy for that chance, and my Pastor for believing that I could be a speaker and a good one!  This picture was taken in La Jolla right before I went in!  I wore my Italian Boots from my Florence trip in Italy and the rest of my clothes I got the idea for my outfit from Gwyneth Paltrow from her music video Glee.  I believe that you mix fashion with what ever you are doing and my goodness you just might feel a bit better!  At least that works for me.  I eventually went on to be asked on the Executive Board of Directors for the International Bipolar Foundation.  Funny how life has a thread and where that thread leads if you keep following it.  You have to never quit but keeping digging where that next opportunity will come from.  Maggie

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  1. I was never a big talker earlier in my life and now I'm a internet podcaster! So, I know how it is to learn to beat shyness to make speeches.