Friday, October 21, 2011

Tri-City Medical Center Mental Expo Fair

This event was such a neat event for me to do.  First and foremost because my sister Amy (left in pic...yes we look like twins) has never seen me speak.  I was the Keynote Speaker which was such an honor.  When I first started speaking I had just a few people in the audience and then people started to tickle in and fill the seats.  By the end the room was full and I felt like my heart went out to the people in that room and I gave them everything I had about how to live with bipolar disorder and how to win at this awful illness.  To have my sister there was such a blessing.  For q&a she even answered a couple of great questions that the audience had it was a hard day but so worth it.  It makes me so happy to give back, to give hope, and to beat the stigma of mental illness!

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