Friday, October 21, 2011

Rancho Bernardo Rotary Speech

My mom told me over a year ago that I needed to start speaking!  She said, "Margaret you need to speak for the Rotary Clubs, Lions, ect..."  I was at that point thinking well I would just sell a few books on line and call it a day.  Well mom was right speaking for these groups and it has been such a joy to me.  I love meeting all the members, eating a yummy lunch, and then getting to educate the public on being aware of mental illness.  That it is everywhere and most of the time you can't see it.  Maybe you might see the poor soul lost on the streets but so many of us are just like that person yet we have a home to live in and someone to take care of us.  Yet our minds are the same.  It is been a blessing to speak for these learn their stories of life, their backgrounds, and some really good advice usually gets tossed out there with a lot of laughs!  Maggie

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