Friday, October 21, 2011

National Alliance of Mentally Ill North Coastal Speech

This was a fun speech for NAMI North Coastal in San Diego.  Over 100 people attended that night, a lot of laughs, hugs, tears, and books were sold.  It was one of those nights where we just didn't know what to expect and how my story would touch so many lives.  My assistant Tara got this speech for me by sending out tons of e-mails and staying on top of it.  I have found out that it not only takes e-mails, but sending out books to the proper places, calling, and even hand written letters to get events booked.  Different ways work for all kinds of different people right!  It was mid-July at this time and the weather was hot.  I had a house full of relatives which was a great distraction from being nervous.  I swam all day with the kids and then slicked my hair back for this event.  I call it the swim do!  Do you like it?  I had met Kathy and Bob the Presidents of this chapter from an earlier NAMI Walk that I had done in San Diego.  It was great to see them again and then be talking for their group.  A great night for all!  Maggie

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