Monday, March 26, 2012

I Love Baseball!

My family sitting in the Padres dugout!

I love baseball...well maybe not as much as my husband or my best friend Carrie, but I still love it.   From the time I was five years old I played baseball.  No, not softball but baseball.  My mom didn't want to have my brother and I  on two different teams so she stuck us both  in little league. I got the shortstop position by accident.  In practice my Uncle Dick put me there to try me out.  The ball was hit into the air pretty hard and I just happen to put my glove up and the ball smacked in.  It was fun playing with all the boys.  They were all rowdy and rough.  They made me feel the need to prove myself, to be tough, to have courage, to play the game.  As the years went on I hung in there with them.  The more flack I would get from the opposing team about being a girl the better I got at surviving and growing stronger.  In 7th grade my mom gave me a Swatch for every home run.  By the end of the season I had 6 Swatches up my arm.  I got to play on the All Star team with the boys which was very scary but so cool to look back on.  By the time high school came well yes the huge divide happens.  Which yes, that is a good thing!  I then put aside my bat and glove for my spikes and running shoes.  Years later when I met Matt and we moved to San Diego I became a Padre fan.  In 1998 The Pads went to the World Series against the New York Yankees.  Matt went to the game with his cousin BIG John.  They had seats on the field level third base side which were awesome but got even better when BIG John broke the seat and they were moved right behind home plate!  Throughout the years Matt and I have watched lots of ball games in San Diego.  Baseball makes people come alive, have memories and brings a community together.  Last night Matt and I were talking about Spring Training.  "Matt," I said.  "Why on earth did you take us to Spring Training when I was in a full blown manic episode and Allie was 4 months old?!"  "Mag, baseball is relaxing.  I needed an escape from our awful situation.  That weekend gave me a break.  Baseball does that for me!"  Today I couldn't stop thinking about what Matt said.  Yes, baseball is a great escape and yes, it is relaxing!  Go to the ballpark this spring, take in the smells, sights, and PLAY BALL!

My daughter Allie ~ next baseball fan!

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